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This question was asked by
Lewis Stuttard

Can your degreaser / oil stain remover be used safely on tarmac without degrading it . Thinking of using it before your tarmac sealer

Yes it is perfectly safe to use on tarmac.

Drew Palin

Smart Colour Stain

This question was asked by
Chris James

Can this be applied to fresh concrete (ie 6 days old)

It is recommended that newly laid concrete is left to cure for 30 days before applying a stain to the surface, the moisture evaporating and the chemical reaction taking place as the concrete cures can cause the stain to fail and lift.

Drew Palin

Concrete staining

This question was asked by
Kate van den Driessche


I would like to discuss options for staining a poured, polished concrete floor with a brass inlay design. The floor was exposed to a leak 12 months ago and as a result has a number of cracks and ‘pigment picture framing’ that is an eye sore. We are exploring options of replacing the whole floor, but I would like to understand what finish we could achieve with filling cracks and staining the whole area. Could you please contact me to discuss further.
Many thanks,


Hi Kate
we can definitely help you with this, we just need some pictures so we can establish exactly what the problem is and recommend remedial work .
Could you send those to

Michael Palin

Smart Colour Stain

This question was asked by
Jason watts

Hi, is it possible to create a virdgres pattern on my new concrete workshop with your colours, if so can you list what I will need to cover 6 square meters. I will require prep stuff stain and sealer. Also would you be so kind as to include the total price , many thanks.

Hi Jason
I’m sure we can help you with this. the person you need to speak to will be available at the end of next week and will contact you.

Michael Palin

Endura Faux Fusion

This question was asked by
John Fathers

Hi, I have recently laid new concrete and plan to grind and polish shortly. Could I mix the above with the densifier at the polishing stage.
I am looking to get a random density of a colour as a finish. If not is there another product I could use inj this way.
thanks in advance

Hi John
yes you can mix the Endura faux Fusion with the densifier at the polishing stage
We strongly recommend you do a small test area first though

Endura Faux Fusion (EFF)

Michael Palin

Price and quantity required

This question was asked by
Darren Wood


can you please supply me with a cost please for the Water Based Sealer Matt,

I need to cover approx 60sqm’s and apply 2 coats.

Also can you advise on delivery times to site.


Hi Darren
we’d suggest you get a 15 litre container to be safe
Approx 8 m2 per litre depending on surface porosity

Water Based Sealer Matt (WB25)

Michael Palin

internal concrete wall

This question was asked by
Amanda Aleksova

Hi, I am currently resnovating a property abroad and wondered if the water based gloss sealent would be suitable, as it is water based I wouldnt be restricted from carrying it in my luggage. I would like the concrete wall to have a glossy finish, please could you advice

Hi Amanda
this is a link to the product that will help you with your internal wall

Endura Solid Stain (ESS)

but you will need to check with the authorities about taking it on board as we don’t have any information about that.


Michael Palin

Sealing an internal concrete floor in my kitchen with underfloor heating

This question was asked by

Hi, im hoping someone can help. I have just laid a concrete floor which I have ground and honed. I now wish to seal the floor and so looking for a sealer that is suitable to for internal use and is ok with underfloor heating. I would also like a sealer that will enhance the colours of the aggregate and glass I have added as well as the concrete its self. I would also like the finish to be silk / gloss. are you able to direct me to a product that would be suitable please..thanks

The only one I would really suggest mainly as the floor has been honed would be the High Gloss Polyurethane as the is the one that will adhere the best.

High-gloss Polyurethane Sealer (INHGPU)


Drew Palin

Hardening a garage floor

This question was asked by
Grant Wilde

Hi, looking to seal a residential concrete garage floor which is constantly dusting and so soft it can be scratched easily with a metal object or even the sole of my shoes. Ideally it could be applied quickly and easily to half the garage at a time, so I don’t have to pull all the stuff out at once! Would the nano-lithium be suitable? Thanks.

No the Lithium densifier is for use when polishing, it will have little affect on a normal concrete slab.

What you will be best of doing, if you can, give the floor a really good jet washing to remove the loose surface material and then seal the concrete, this will stop the surface from dusting again.

Block Paving & Imprinted Concrete Sealer SP (BPCSP)

Drew Palin

Concrete sealer for garden ornaments

This question was asked by
Jennifer Morton

Hi, I’m trying to find a concrete sealer I can put over concrete ornaments I’ve made and painted with masonry paint, preferably something that gives uv protection and will be non yellowing and dry with anything from Matt to light sheen, not full gloss, for you sell anything that fits the bill? Many thanks and best wishes Jenny


As you have use a paint on the concrete I would suggest using a water based sealer rather than a solvent based one as the latter could remove the paint.

We have a range of colours designed specifically for colouring concrete, if you are interested please check out

Drew Palin