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Endura Solid stain for colouring a Concrete Driveway

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Raymond Hannon

Hi there was wondering if you could offer some advice please. We have a concrete drive way that is of a grey colour, but my father patched holes up in places on the drive with replacement concrete a couple of years ago, some being quite large and he didn`t get the colour right. The holes that have been patched are of a more white colour and the drive looks like a patchwork quilt. Could you advise if your endura solid stain would cover the drive a uniform colour?

Yes the Endura Solid will do this, it is designed to give large areas of concrete a uniform colour.

Please check out the videos section to see what is required for the prep work to give the best longest lasting finish.

Drew Palin

Water based sealer differences

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Peter Roberts

Drew has suggested an alternative water based sealant by Adseal. What is the differenence to Invisiseal?

The simplest way to describe, the Invisiseal is just a stain guard, it only stops liquids from soaking in thats it, whereas the water based sealer as well as stopping liquids from soaking in applies a coating to the surface so offers protection against wear and so extends the life of the paving.

Drew Palin

Stone and Slate Protector

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Patio is light tone grey granite which changes quite dramatically wet to a dark grey. I’d like to protect the patio and achieve a darker grey Matt effect. Can you recommend which product will be best for both protection and colour.

The product below will be suitable for what you want

Stone & Slate Protector (SSP)

Drew Palin

Concrete sealer on sandstone

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Stephen Woodcock

I have purchased your block paving and imprinted concrete sealer. Is this ok to use on indian stone patio. I know you make specialist stone sealer but I have a quantity of the block paving sealer over.

No our concrete sealers are only suitable for use on concrete products not natural stone.

Drew Palin