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Hardening a garage floor

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Grant Wilde

Hi, looking to seal a residential concrete garage floor which is constantly dusting and so soft it can be scratched easily with a metal object or even the sole of my shoes. Ideally it could be applied quickly and easily to half the garage at a time, so I don’t have to pull all the stuff out at once! Would the nano-lithium be suitable? Thanks.

No the Lithium densifier is for use when polishing, it will have little affect on a normal concrete slab.

What you will be best of doing, if you can, give the floor a really good jet washing to remove the loose surface material and then seal the concrete, this will stop the surface from dusting again.

Block Paving & Imprinted Concrete Sealer SP (BPCSP)

Drew Palin

Concrete sealer for garden ornaments

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Jennifer Morton

Hi, I’m trying to find a concrete sealer I can put over concrete ornaments I’ve made and painted with masonry paint, preferably something that gives uv protection and will be non yellowing and dry with anything from Matt to light sheen, not full gloss, for you sell anything that fits the bill? Many thanks and best wishes Jenny


As you have use a paint on the concrete I would suggest using a water based sealer rather than a solvent based one as the latter could remove the paint.

We have a range of colours designed specifically for colouring concrete, if you are interested please check out

Drew Palin