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Resin bound drive resealing.

This question was asked by
Paul Sherratt

Approx. 3 years ago I had my drive covered. It looked lovely however the sealant used caused a bubbling effect in a few odd spots. The whole area was re- skimmed. It was never sealed. Can you advise if there is a suitable product available which would be unlikely to cause problems.

I have come across this before, you have to be very, very careful applying a solvent based sealer on resin bound stone, you have to apply several mist coats, if you apply it too thickly you get the problem you had.
Because of this I now always recommend using a water based sealer, because there is no solvent there is no risk off it affecting the Stone.

Water Based Sealer Gloss (WB34)

Drew Palin

Stone sealer shelf life

This question was asked by
stephen woodward

If I buy a 25 litre drum and do not use it all, will it stay ok in the drum so could be used when needed doing again or will it go off

As long as the container is closed and it is protected from frost it will keep for a couple of years.

Drew Palin

Black limestone sealer

This question was asked by
Dave Thomas

Please can you tell me what you recommend to seal for new laid black limestone we require a wet look finish

I recommend using the stone and slate as some black limestone can be quite nonporous and this sealer is a bit thinner so penetrates better, I also suggest scrubbing in the first coat to help aid with the adhesion.

if you are still looking for more of a gloss finish (the finish can depend on the stone), you could apply a top coat of our Heavy duty which will give more of a gloss/wet look finish.

Stone & Slate Protector (SSP)

Heavy Duty Sealer (HD)

Drew Palin