Newlook Smartcolour Stain

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Paul Diaper

We are looking to install some concrete panel fencing on one of our property boundaries.

We would like to colour the panels using Adseal Newlook Smartcolour Stain.

I notice much of your information focuses on floor application of this stain with just a single photo of it used on a wall.

Is this stain suitable for vertical concrete surfaces?

We are looking to use Allen Concrete fencing panels, if that helps??

Sorry for the delay in responding, we had a problem with the website.

The Smartcolour can be used on vertical surfaces, I would suggest that you may need to apply a few applications of the Eco acid (link below) for the preparation work, as it is designed to be left to work but as it will run off you will need to reapply.

Eco Acid [profiler] (EA)
Drew Palin