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This question was asked by
Gary Smith

Just to say how helpful, pleasant and knowledgeable your contact team have been.
Pleasure to business with your Company.

Thank you Gary it is always nice to receive nice feedback, hopefully we can do business again in the future.

Drew Palin

Solid colour or Smartcolour

This question was asked by
Ruth Beecham

I have 170 sq metres of brand new concrete interior residential floors. The aim was to acid stain these floors. However, your products look a whole stack easier! I have watched all your videos and read all the info, but am still a little confused with product names/ranges. The effect I want are pale base colours with slightly darker ‘faux’ effects on top. On the colour charts, I am confused by ‘solid’ colours and/or Smartcolour. (2 different colour cards side by side with different products listed?) Please could you explain the differences, and also send me the colour charts? Many thanks (and also for the preparation/water test video in particular).

In simple terms the Solid colour stain is a opaque stain, this is used to give the concrete one smooth uniform colour or a uniform base colour for the mottled or faux acid effect.

The Smart colour is a semi transparent finish and is used to add the mottled effect by sprayer.

Take a look at the video “staining concrete start to finish” this, I think, is what you are looking to do.

Drew Palin

Newlook Smartcolour Stain

This question was asked by
Paul Diaper

We are looking to install some concrete panel fencing on one of our property boundaries.

We would like to colour the panels using Adseal Newlook Smartcolour Stain.

I notice much of your information focuses on floor application of this stain with just a single photo of it used on a wall.

Is this stain suitable for vertical concrete surfaces?

We are looking to use Allen Concrete fencing panels, if that helps??

Sorry for the delay in responding, we had a problem with the website.

The Smartcolour can be used on vertical surfaces, I would suggest that you may need to apply a few applications of the Eco acid (link below) for the preparation work, as it is designed to be left to work but as it will run off you will need to reapply.

Eco Acid [profiler] (EA)
Drew Palin

Concrete waterproofer

This question was asked by
Andrew Morris

We have cast a garage base 2 weeks ago alas labourer forgot admixture so looking for a penetrating concrete sealer as a waterproofer from rising damp, therefore can you recommend any of your sealers to fill the voids ?

Pretty much any of the sealers will help to stop damp, I have put links to 2 different products, the first is our most popular solvent based sealer for concrete surfaces, the second is a water based based option (no harmful chemicals or strong smell).

Either will be fine to use.

Block Paving & Imprinted Concrete Sealer SP (BPCSP)

Water Based Sealer Gloss (WB34)

Drew Palin