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Removing Resiblock/polyurthanes

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Jon corke

i sealed my block paved drive about 6 weeks or so ago i used resiblock matt superior this is a solvent based sealant, but it has dried awful leaving big black circles an dirt marks, made the drive look awful, do you guys sell a sealer remover for that kind of sealer? If you do will it damage the block paving? We have barleystone castlepave smooth blocks in birch colour, thanks in advance

Yes we do have a stripping solution that will work with the Resiblock sealers (link below), this is and eco friendly water based stripper so is very safe to use and won’t damage the paving.

Drew Palin

Wet look sealant for slate tiles

This question was asked by
Bill Small

I’m looking for a durable sealant that I don’t have to reapply every year. We have natural slate tiles (sheera modular) and we are after a wet look finish on them. What would you recommend and do I need to prep the tiles with anything first? The total floor size is 50m2 .if you could email me that would be great.

If you are looking for a long lasting gloss finish sealer I would recommend using our High Gloss PU seal (link below), I think this will be what you are looking for.

Drew Palin

Kitchen worktop.

This question was asked by
Alan R

I have a concrete kitchen table and am looking for a sealer to give it some protection from stains and heat. What is the best product you have that you could recommend that I use.

For the best protection, I would recommend using the High Gloss PU sealer, this will offer the best protection against stains and spills, it is fairly heat resistant but I wouldn’t recommend placing pans directly from the hob on to the sealer.

Drew Palin


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Pam Hayes

I will need to buy the Concrete and Block Paving Sealer SP, and also the Stone and Slate sealer. As these contain solvents etc. are these dangerous to pets?

They can only cause an issue whilst drying, once it is dry its fine, usually not much more than 2 hours (depending on the weather).
But unless they walk over it as you are actually applying the seal it will only cause a little bit of irritation to the pads, nothing that would require treatment.

Drew Palin

Gloss finish on Worktop

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I’m looking for a gloss, wet look concrete sealer to seal and outdoor concrete worktop.

Do you have a product you could recommend?

If you are looking for a High gloss finish I would recommend our High Gloss PU sealer (link below), this is a hard wearing sealer that is extremely wear and chemical resistant and will with stand years of use.
Drew Palin

Patio Sealers

This question was asked by
Adrian Wills

We have a large patio laid with Marshall Saxon Buff paving.
This has been down @ 7 years and is power washed annually. Despite this as it ages it appears to get dirty quite quickly.
Are there any sealants within your range you would recommend?

Regular pressure washing of any paving is quite bad for it, it accelerates the wear damage and significantly reduces the life of the paving.
I would suggest using our Block paving sealer (link below) this will protect the surface and reduce the need to pressure wash and reduce the damage it causes.

Drew Palin

Patio sealer

This question was asked by
Rob parsons

I have an Indian sandstone patio layed but not sealed yet. I was looking at you wb 25 and wanted to confirm its suitable. My main concerns are to protect it from food, oil, stains and so that the frost doesn’t get at. I don’t want to change the appearance of the stones. Would this be the right product for me or can you recommend something g else in your range.

Yes the WB25 will be fine for what you are looking to achieve, it gives great surface protection from wear and stains but has very little affect on the appearance.

Drew Palin