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Concrete Sealer & Block Paving Sealer – application advice

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Peter Ludgate

Is a plastic decorators pail/scuttle suitable for decanting your Concrete Sealer & Block Paving Sealer?
It occurs to me that it may degrade the plastic & cause the scuttle to collapse.

As long as you don’t buy a cheap one you should be fine, I have use them for years for the sealer and we even sell them in our shop.

Drew Palin

Stone & Slate Protector overlap marks

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john shayler

I’ve just painted this on with a roller on some teak indian sandstone and it has come out really patchy where the roller has overlapped its has gone double dark if that makes sense. I didn’t have enough so I was gonna order 2 more cans hoping that a second coat will make the cover even. What are your thoughts?

Yes a second coat will help to even it out, the reason for the over lap marks is because the sealer has dried before you had chance to get beck to that area, ideally you want to try and keep a wet edge to avoid that from happening.

Drew Palin

Applying the second coat

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Rob Hopkins

Hi …Ive applied one coat of Natural Stone/Slate sealer yesterday to my Sandstone slabs. Is it too late to apply a second coat for a satin finish. Thank you

No with the Stone and slate sealer there is no time limitation on applying the second coat, as long as the surface is kept clean and tidy and is dry it can be sealed whenever.

Drew Palin

Lightening up Imprint paving

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I have very dark almost black imprint and I hate it, can i make it lighter

Yes it is possible to make dark paving light,

First you would need to remove the sealer from the surface using the Easy strip (link below).

Once this has been done you need to jet wash the surface, then, when dry apply the Eco acid solution to profile the surface to ensure it is porous enough for the stain to soak in, there is a video on the website explaining this,

Next when it is dry (90% dry is fine) you can apply the Solid colour stain using the applicator brush following the instructions (included in the box and there is a video on the site).

If you are happy with the colour you can stop there.

If you want the 2 tone/antiqued effect of imprint concrete you can achieve this by using a darker Smartcolour diluted to 1:6 with water, all you have to do is spray an even coat all over the surface, then as it dries it will settle in the deeper areas to create the effect, as it is drying, if you think it is still to dark on the main surface, misting water over the surface will make more of the colour run off the high spots.

Once it has all dried (ideally 24hrs+) you will need to seal the drive using either the WB25 or WB34.

Drew Palin

What should I do before applying concrete stain

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– Francis DeanĀ in Doncaster

I am planning to apply some Newlook stain to my garden path, but it doesn’t look like the stain will soak into the stones, don’t want to waste any stain, so how can I make sure it works properly.

The video below explains what to do to get the best result.
Essentially with a stone that isn’t very porous you need to apply some Eco Acid and the video will show you how to do that.

You can get some Eco Acid at this link if you don’t already have some

Sealer for concrete tegular blocks and Indian natural stone paving.

This question was asked by
Colin J Moss

I have recently had a new tarmac drive laid which is edged with concrete tegular blocks and kerbs. I have also had a new patio laid in natural Indian stone. I am looking for a sealer which will treat both surfaces and provide a slight sheen finish. Can you please advise me which single product will treat both surfaces.

I have attached a link below to the Stone and Slate protector, this sealer is designed to work on Natural stone as well as concrete based products.
Drew Palin