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How can I get a wet look on indian sandstone?

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Daniel moulson

I have recently laid Indian flags and I’m wanting a wet look as I beleive its looks nicer which would you recommend which can be used with the easy joint product that you brush in the joints as that is what I’ll be doing for my pointing kind regards daniel

Below I have posted the link to our jointing compound, this way you can seal the paving as soon as you have done the jointing, if you use the jointing compound where you wet the paving you will need to leave it a few days to dry before you can seal it.

The other link is to the Heavy duty sealer, this will give you a gloss finish.
Drew Palin

What’s the best way to make concrete slabs look new again?

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I have a concrete slab patio, which must be 10 years old nearly. They look pretty tired and ugly and i want to rejuvenate them by giving them a bit of colour, nothing outrageous, they are grey and want to keep them grey just brighten them up, I don’t think clear sealer will do it. What would you recommend?

Many thanks

I would recommend using the Solid colour stain (link below) this is a quick easy way to recolour concrete.
Drew Palin

What is the best mortar remover?

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Richard Hogg

I am in need of a non acid based mortar remover to apply to a newly laid black/blue limestone patio, is the Green klean industrial remover suitable??

If you are worried about damaging the stone I would probably suggest using the Ecoacid rather than the Green Klean, it will do the same job but it is not as aggressive as the Green Klean. (link below)
Drew Palin

How much colour and sealant do I need for a 30 square metre concrete drive?

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Peter Clifford

I would like to colour a newly laid 30 square metre concrete drive with Smart colour (Licorice). Please could you advise the amounts of prep material, colour and sealer (satin finish) required for this. Many thanks

As the concrete is new you will need to leave it a minimum of 30days before trying to stain to let the concrete cure.

Before staining you will need to acid wash the surface to remove any loose dusty surface from the concrete using the Eco acid

If you are looking to apply a single solid colour to the concrete I would recommend using the Solid colour stain (medium grey) you will need 1 x 32oz kit to do your area.
The solid colour stain will be much quicker, easier and cheaper than the smartcolour (you would need at least 3 x 32oz bottles to get a solid uniform colour).

Then finally to seal I would suggest the WB25.

I have listed all the relevant products below, I would highly recommend watching the installation videos before you start the job.
Drew Palin

What is the best sealant for indoor indian sandstone flooring?

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Sam Oliver

I have been reviewing your website details and unsure as to the best purchase

I have purchased a barn conversion in the south of France and the ground floor has Indian sandstone that was sealed about 7 years ago. It looks and acts completely porous, no sheen or sign of sealant .

I do not want to significantly change the appearance of the stone

I’m torn between the following products


Your advice would be very welcome

Of the ones you have looked at,

the Heavy duty will enhance the colours and give a gloss finish (wet look).

The Stone and slate will enhance the colours but leave a matt finish with 1 coat (like when the paving is damp) or an eggshell/satin finish with 2 coats.

The Invisiseal is a completely invisible coating but is more like a stain guard so offers very little in the way of wear protection.

I would probably suggest using the WB25 (link below), this will have very little effect on the appearance of the paving but offers surface protection too.
Drew Palin