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Indian sandstone colour enhancer/sealant

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Mrs L Alexander

Could you advise which ( if any) of your products would be best suited for the above?

I have been looking at water based products for eco reasons and also because I understand that solvent based products cause pooling when it rains as they compromise the breathability of the stone? I would like a product that enhances the colour of the sandstone and also protects it. I am not looking for a high gloss finish, just a slight sheen which brings out the colours.

Any advice on the types of product and advantages/disadvantages would be much appreciated.

Ok first things first, when initially laid all sealers will cause water to pool, but after it has weathered in a bit it will stop pooling and drain off normally (like when you freshly wax a car).

Yes most water based sealers are more breathable but this only means that moisture vapour from underneath the stone can escape and will not affect the water falling on the surface.

Water based sealers are good to use especially from an eco stand point however as you are looking to lift and enhance the colours I would recommend using a solvent based sealer as they do a much, much better job of enhancing the colours.

I have included a link below to the sealer i would recommend using.

Drew Palin

Hi I have a resin bound drivway. Some or the stones come loose with time could you tell me what sealer I would need to buy and the best application method.. kind regards Graham

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Graham Felton

Hi I have a resin surface drivway. The stones are coming loose more often. Could you tell me what sealer I would need and the best application kind regards Graham

Hi Graham

The only sealers I every recommend using on Resin bound stone are our water based sealers (linked below).

Solvent based sealers, if over applied can cause the resin bound stone to lift and ultimately break up, using the water based you will never have this issue, regardless of how much you apply.

Drew Palin