AdsealColours at the UK Concrete Show 2014

Adseal have been a loyal supporter of the UK Concrete Show with a stand at every annual show since its inception.
This year’s no exception and with the launch of our new concrete stain product lines we will be demo’ing their application to achieve some amazing finishes!

Rejuvinate old pattern imprinted concrete
Recolour pattern imprinted concrete to give an old path or driveway a new lease of life.

Block paving before colouring Block paving after colouring

Marble veining

We’ll be demonstrating how to achieve really effective marble veining effects using the NewLook Smart Colour products and some straight forward techniques

Marble veining concrete colouring

Faux effects ‘pseudo travatine’

A straight forward procedure using a combination of Solid Colour concrete stains, the possibilities are endless!  Available faux colours are here.

Coloured travertine