This question was asked by
Mike Blake

Having carried out a successful trial with your Muffin Stain we are now ready to place an order for a larger quantity. What sealant do you recommend to use with it please and what is its coverage rate?

I recommend using the water based sealer to go over the Newlook stains.

Water Based Sealer Gloss (WB34)

Drew Palin

Endurance solid stain

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Lisa hall

I am enquiring regarding the Endurance solid stain and would it be compatible to paint over the top of my pre cast riven patio/paving slabs?
If not, what would you recommend?
I would like to change the colour of the slabs, will this cover any existing colour?
Do you have any images of the Black & Charcoal customer images?
Is the stain Matt or Gloss?
I have a very large tin of Thompson patio sealer (unopened) can I use this to seal the stain once applied?
Also, how much is p+p?
Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your enquiry.

The Newlook stains are suitable to use on any concrete surface, the stains themselves will leave a matt finish, please check our our stains website for photos and most importantly the videos section which has how to videos to get the best possible results.

To be totally honest with you, if you still have the receipt for the thompsons sealer, take it back, it is a terrible sealer, you will find that within a few weeks you will need to redo the sealer as it will have failed, it is a complete waste of money, we have scores of people per year that come to us after having used this brand of sealer wanting a better quality one. Also that sealer could negatively effect the stain, we here at Adseal always recommend using a water based sealer over the Newlook stains, such as the one linked below.

Water Based Sealer Matt (WB25)

Drew Palin

Patio revival

This question was asked by
David Hewson

I have a36m2 concrete slabbed patio and would like to change the colour.the patio is about 15 yrs old and dirty. Can you advise cleaning product and stain type?Thank you

Your quickest and easiest way to refurb tired paving would be to use the Endura Solid Stain, this will give you a solid uniform colour.

As for cleaning, you don’t need any special cleaning product a good power washing will suffice.

Endura Solid Stain (ESS)

Hope this helps

Drew Palin

Smart Colour Stain

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Kevin Bannister

Hello, recently I have had a water leak which required part of my patterned concrete drive to be dug up, when they repaired the section of concrete the company did not stain it and it now looks terrible. Can I use your stain to make it look like the rest of my driveway? Thank you Kevin

Yes the stains will allow you to colour the concrete to some thing like the same colour (it might not be possible to get an exact match but you should be able to get something very close).

If you could send me a few pictures of the drive I can advise you on which colours would be best suited.

Drew Palin

Moss and Algae Remover

This question was asked by
John Wilde

Can this product be use on GRP (plastic)?

Yes the Moss and Algae remover is fine to use on plastics, it doesn’t contain any corrosive or caustic chemicals.

Drew Palin

Black Limestone sealer

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Hi, i have just had a bradstone natural blue/black limestone patio laid, approx 15m2. We have two small dogs that regularly wee on the patio and i am looking for advice on what is best to seal/protect the stones and also wash them.

I have put a link below to a suitable product for your paving.

Stone & Slate Protector (SSP)

Drew Palin

Endura Solid stain for colouring a Concrete Driveway

This question was asked by
Raymond Hannon

Hi there was wondering if you could offer some advice please. We have a concrete drive way that is of a grey colour, but my father patched holes up in places on the drive with replacement concrete a couple of years ago, some being quite large and he didn`t get the colour right. The holes that have been patched are of a more white colour and the drive looks like a patchwork quilt. Could you advise if your endura solid stain would cover the drive a uniform colour?

Yes the Endura Solid will do this, it is designed to give large areas of concrete a uniform colour.

Please check out the videos section to see what is required for the prep work to give the best longest lasting finish.

Drew Palin

Water based sealer differences

This question was asked by
Peter Roberts

Drew has suggested an alternative water based sealant by Adseal. What is the differenence to Invisiseal?

The simplest way to describe, the Invisiseal is just a stain guard, it only stops liquids from soaking in thats it, whereas the water based sealer as well as stopping liquids from soaking in applies a coating to the surface so offers protection against wear and so extends the life of the paving.

Drew Palin