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Newdeck Colour Chart

Ready to Use Wood Stain Colour

NewDeck™ with CoolStain™ Technology is available in many popular colours that create a rich, gorgeous finish. Each wood stain colour is a ready-to use concentrate for a solid finish that may be diluted with water to achieve more transparency. The amount of temperature reduced by NewDeck’s infrared reflective pigmentation depends on the colour used, ambient temperature, surface texture, and other variables. We even have a white wood stain (Birch)!

Birch Decking Stain Black Walnut Decking Stain
Golden Cedar Decking Stain Redwood Decking Stain
Summerwood Decking Stain Tabitha Gray Decking Stain

NOTE: The colours shown are for reference only. For best results, select product colour from the product label. Computer screen resolution may vary and should be considered when selecting a NewDeck colour. NewLook International, Inc. warrants customer satisfaction with this product when applied to a properly prepared surface in accordance with label directions. Slight colour fading may occur, especially in areas exposed to heavy traffic or excessive weathering.