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High-gloss Polyurethane Sealer

High-gloss Polyurethane Sealer
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Revolutionary modified hybrid high gloss, hard wearing, sealer in easy-to-use one part pack Combines elasticity of urethanes and durability of epoxies. Indoor or outdoor


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A revolutionary modified hybrid polyurethane. A single pack formula is the easy to use alternative to two-part top coats. HiGloss PU combines the elasticity of a polyurethane with the durability of an epoxy. Used to protect indoor and outdoor concrete surfaces from heavy wear and tear, HiGloss PU is ideal for industrial and commercial buildings, garages, chemical plants, warehouses, monolithic flooring or civil, and industrial  applications or just where a high gloss [wet look] is required.

Available in 5 and 20 Litre containers. Gloss finish.


The rate is approximately 3 - 5 m2 per litre per coat on unsealed surfaces and approximately 5 - 9 m2 per litre per coat on sealed surfaces.

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Technical Data Sheet for High Gloss PU

Technical Data Sheet for High Gloss PU  

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Safety Data Sheet for High Gloss PU

Safety Data Sheet for High Gloss PU
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  • Ease of acylics with strength of urethanes
  • High gloss finish
  • Versatile applications
  • Incredible durability, adhesion, density & elasticity
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Available in these sizes

5 Litre, 20 Litre

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Sealing an internal concrete floor in my kitchen with underfloor heating

This question was asked by - Phil
Hi, im hoping someone can help. I have just laid a concrete floor which I have ground and honed. I now wish to seal the floor and so looking for a sealer that is suitable to for internal use and is ok with underfloor heating. I would also like a sealer that will enhance the colours of the aggregate and glass I have added as well as the concrete its self. I would also like the finish to be silk / gloss. are you able to direct me to a product that would be suitable please..thanks

The only one I would really suggest mainly as the floor has been honed would be the High Gloss Polyurethane as the is the one that will adhere the best.

High-gloss Polyurethane Sealer (INHGPU)   Drew Palin

Sealing Porcelain tiles

This question was asked by - Ryan
Hi, Iím looking at buying some of the gloss finish sealer from you. Can you advise me on a few things please. 1, can this be applied to External Porcelain tiles? 2, whatís the best way to apply this? & 3, whatís the coverage of the a 5 liter tin? Questions 2 & 3 are probably on you site somewhere but if itís not in big letters Iíll never find it! Apologies. Thanks for your help.

If you are wanting a gloss finish on external tiles I would recommend using out High gloss PU (link below), Porcelain can be tricky to get sealers to adhere to, especially if they are glazed which is why I suggest the PU as this has very good adhesion properties.

High Gloss PU (HGPU) Drew Palin

Colouring and staining concrete table

This question was asked by - Sam Butler
I have recently made a concrete table for use inside. I was looking at possibly using your smart stain to make it a darker shade as it didn't really come out as dark as I had liked. Wondered what it was like to use on new works. Also was looking at your polyeurethene gloss sealer. Was just looking for some advice really.

Yes the Smart colour will be ok to use and the High gloss PU will give a very nice gloss finish.

In regards to the prep work you will need to acid wash and profile the surface to remove any dusty material from the surface and to increase the porosity (there are a couple of videos on the website to show you what to look for when prepping the surface). Smart Colour Stain (SMART) Eco Acid [profiler] (EA) High-gloss Polyurethane Sealer (HGPU) Drew Palin

High gloss sealer for travertine

This question was asked by - Keith Askham
can I use this product effectively in a shower area

I have Travertine tiles in my own bathroom, I sealed it with the High gloss PU about 4 years ago and it still looks good as new. The only thing I will say is you need to let the sealer cure for a at least 48 hours before using the area.

High Gloss PU (HGPU) Drew Palin

Slate sealer

This question was asked by - Kevin Banks-Dunnell
I want to seal my outside slate patio with a heavy duty high gloss sealer, which product would you recommend please?

You have a couple of options (links below) the Heavy duty sealer is the cheaper of the two and is easier to use but wont last as long, whereas the High gloss PU will last longer but you have to make sure that the paving is 100% dry and that you will have at least 5-6 hours of dry weather once it has been applied.

Heavy Duty Sealer (HD) High Gloss PU (HGPU) Drew Palin

Protecting Welsh Slate Flooring

This question was asked by - Jared F
I have a welsh slate floor that was put down 5 years ago in a kitchen. It needs re-protecting as the original stuff I applied has now rubbed off and some small areas now have the bare stone showing (places where chair legs have rubbed etc). Whatís your advice for this in terms of products you suggest and the method of application?

I would suggest using the High gloss PU, this is a very hardwearing sealer, but I would suggest removing the old sealer first as it is obviously having issues with adhesion.

Application instructions will be sent with the product. High Gloss PU (HGPU) Drew Palin

Natural slate sealer for outdoor use

This question was asked by - Paul M
My back door step is done with natural slate. I want to give it a wet look effect but I am finding it extremly difficult to get a slate sealer for outdoor. What product do you recommend?

The best on to use on slate will be the High gloss PU sealer,

High Gloss PU (HGPU) Drew Palin

Wet look sealant for slate tiles

This question was asked by - Bill Small
I'm looking for a durable sealant that I don't have to reapply every year. We have natural slate tiles (sheera modular) and we are after a wet look finish on them. What would you recommend and do I need to prep the tiles with anything first? The total floor size is 50m2 .if you could email me that would be great.

If you are looking for a long lasting gloss finish sealer I would recommend using our High Gloss PU seal (link below), I think this will be what you are looking for.

http://www.advancedsealingsolutions.co.uk/High-Gloss-PU.html Drew Palin

Kitchen worktop.

This question was asked by - Alan R
I have a concrete kitchen table and am looking for a sealer to give it some protection from stains and heat. What is the best product you have that you could recommend that I use.

For the best protection, I would recommend using the High Gloss PU sealer, this will offer the best protection against stains and spills, it is fairly heat resistant but I wouldn't recommend placing pans directly from the hob on to the sealer.

https://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/High-Gloss-Polyurethane-Sealer.html Drew Palin

Gloss finish on Worktop

This question was asked by - Ben
I'm looking for a gloss, wet look concrete sealer to seal and outdoor concrete worktop. Do you have a product you could recommend?

If you are looking for a High gloss finish I would recommend our High Gloss PU sealer (link below), this is a hard wearing sealer that is extremely wear and chemical resistant and will with stand years of use.

https://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/High-Gloss-Polyurethane-Sealer.html Drew Palin

High gloss sealer

This question was asked by - Georgia L
I'm trying to find a product that can protect Marble tables and countertops in a busy restaurant chain. It needs to be a high gloss product and durable. It also needs to be hygienic as well. Do you have any sealants that would work for this? Thanks.

Yes we do, our High gloss PU will be perfect for that.

https://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/High-Gloss-Polyurethane-Sealer.html Drew Palin

Advice on sealant

This question was asked by - Lee
I've up-cycled the slate bedding from a snooker table, by using it as a a work top for a BBQ I built in the garden. I was really pleased with my idea when I first installed it. But it's been a few years now and it's looking a bit shabby, it's gone grey and had moss forming on it. So I have sanded it down and got rid of all the moss, but I want it to be glossy like when it was first installed. Is there a product that would restore it to its shinny former state. It looks great in the rain, but when it dries it returns to a dull grey finish.

As you are looking for a glossy finish, I would recommend using the High gloss PU (link below) this will give you a good glossy finish (like when it is wet) and it is a very hard wearing resin so it will last many, many years before it would need re coating.

https://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/High-Gloss-Polyurethane-Sealer.html Drew Palin

High Gloss PU

This question was asked by - Robert Mckelvie
Hi, just wondering if your High Gloss PU is safe to use on high gloss white laminate tiles?

The High gloss PU should be ok to use, but, it is not something I have ever tested it on so I cannot say with 100% certainty that it will be ok. You would need to test it before applying to the whole area.

Drew Palin

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