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Endura CoolStain

Endura CoolStain
Helps keep your concrete pool deck cooler! BEFORE CoolStain PRO AFTER CoolStain PRO
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Infrared reflective stain completely covers concrete discolorations leaving natural looking finish. Reduces treated concrete surface temperature by up to 10°C


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Reduce Concrete Temperature by up to 10° C

Endura Cool Stain Concrete ColourA premium quality SINGLE COMPONENT water-based, polymer-modified concrete color stain used to reduce the surface temperature of existing concrete. The patent-pending formula uses revolutionary infrared reflective technology to increase the solar reflectivity of concrete surfaces exposed to sunlight, reducing the surface temperature by up to 10° C!
Endura CoolStain provides a completely opaque, breathable and natural-looking finish. Perfect for use on concrete pool decks and municipal projects.
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Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet  

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Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet
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Endura Cool Stain For ConcreteBenefits of Endura Cool Stain

  • Reduces surface temperature up to 10° C
  • Increases solar reflectivity & emissivity
  • Lowers energy absorption
  • Reduces Urban Heat Island effect
  • Single Component Stain
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The colours shown are as accurate as reproduction will allow. Screen resolution can affect the colour appearance causing a slight pink undertone on some colours

If you would like us to send you a hard copy of a colour chart please let us know please use this form to let us know where to send the charts

Standard (stock) colours

Concrete Solid Colour Stain 206 Charcoal Concrete Solid Colour Stain 275 Light Grey Concrete Solid Colour Stain 214 Moonrock Concrete Solid Colour Stain 344 Sierra Concrete Solid Colour Stain 213 Caramel
Charcoal 206 Light Grey 275 Moonrock 214 Sierra 344 Caramel 213
Concrete Solid Colour Stain 286 Harvest Concrete Solid Colour Stain 294 Mountain Brown Concrete Solid Colour Stain 244 Terracotta Concrete Solid Colour Stain 245 Spanish Red Concrete Solid Colour Stain 295 Light Oak
Mountain Brown 294 Harvest 286 Terracotta 244 Spanish Red 245 Light Oak 295
Concrete Solid Colour Stain 207 Black Concrete Solid Colour Stain 230 White      
Black 207 White 230      

Safety Colours (Special Order)

Concrete Solid Colour Stain 399 Safety Red Concrete Solid Colour Stain 398 safety Yellow Concrete Solid Colour Stain 218 spring Green Concrete Solid Colour Stain 240 Safety Blue Concrete Solid Colour Stain kings Purple Custom
Safety Red 399 Safety Yellow 398 Spring Green 218 Safety Blue 240 Kings Purple Custom

Our aim is to keep all standard colours in stock and despatch within 1 – 5 days of receiving your order.

In the unusual event that we are out of stock and have to produce a new batch this can take several days extra so please order well in advance or call us to check stock levels

Special order colours can take up to 21 days

Bespoke colour service available contact us here

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