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Eco Acid [profiler]

Eco Acid [profiler]
Ecoacid Concrete Exfoliating Cleansing Wash
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A safe water based alternative to acids Prepares concrete by lightly washing and gently opening the pores in preparation for staining


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A water-based, non-corrosive concrete exfoliating cleanser. It is a safer, non-fuming alternative to harsh acids that does not require neutralization. EcoAcid is environmen- tally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous and safely prepares most concrete surfaces by lightly washing and gently opening up the pores for effective staining with NewLook concrete stains or other penetrating coatings. Use on all newly cured concrete. Will not kill vegetation when pressure washed from surface.

Available in 5 and 15 litre containers.


Treats up to 5m2 per litre.

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Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet  

Application Instructions

Technical Data Sheet  

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Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet
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  • Exfoliating cleanser
  • Reacts immediately
  • Water-based & eco-friendly
  • Etches and washes
  • Non-corrosive
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Available in these sizes

15 litre, 5 litre

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Colouring and staining concrete table

This question was asked by - Sam Butler
I have recently made a concrete table for use inside. I was looking at possibly using your smart stain to make it a darker shade as it didn't really come out as dark as I had liked. Wondered what it was like to use on new works. Also was looking at your polyeurethene gloss sealer. Was just looking for some advice really.

Yes the Smart colour will be ok to use and the High gloss PU will give a very nice gloss finish.

In regards to the prep work you will need to acid wash and profile the surface to remove any dusty material from the surface and to increase the porosity (there are a couple of videos on the website to show you what to look for when prepping the surface). Smart Colour Stain (SMART) Eco Acid [profiler] (EA) High-gloss Polyurethane Sealer (HGPU) Drew Palin

Advice on stain colours

This question was asked by - Jon-Luke Kirton
We have a a large driveway (approx 200m2) with standard red block pavers. We would like to change the colour of these to a slate grey colour (we have a period character sandstone and traditional scottish slate house). What products would you recommend for this look to be achieved?

To completely change the colour of the paving is entirely doable, I have linked below the products you would need and if you check out the videos section you will find how to guides for the prep and the application.

Firstly you would need to remove any sealer that might be on the surface using either the Solstrip or Easystrip 1000 for acrylic sealers or the Easystrip 2000 if it is a Polyurethane sealer. Once this is done you will need to profile the surface to make it porous to accept the stain then you would apply the Solid colour stain as a base colour, then a diluted Smartcolour to give the 2 tone antiqued effect. After the stain has cured for 24 hours you will need to re apply a sealer coat. Solid Colour Stain (SOLID) Smart Colour Stain (SMART) EasyStrip 1000 Coating Remover (ES1000) Eco Acid [profiler] (EA) Drew Palin

Newlook Smartcolour Stain

This question was asked by - Paul Diaper
We are looking to install some concrete panel fencing on one of our property boundaries. We would like to colour the panels using Adseal Newlook Smartcolour Stain. I notice much of your information focuses on floor application of this stain with just a single photo of it used on a wall. Is this stain suitable for vertical concrete surfaces? We are looking to use Allen Concrete fencing panels, if that helps?? www.allenconcrete.co.uk

Sorry for the delay in responding, we had a problem with the website.

The Smartcolour can be used on vertical surfaces, I would suggest that you may need to apply a few applications of the Eco acid (link below) for the preparation work, as it is designed to be left to work but as it will run off you will need to reapply. Eco Acid [profiler] (EA) Drew Palin

Lightening up Imprint paving

This question was asked by - E.McKone
I have very dark almost black imprint and I hate it, can i make it lighter

Yes it is possible to make dark paving light,

First you would need to remove the sealer from the surface using the Easy strip (link below). Once this has been done you need to jet wash the surface, then, when dry apply the Eco acid solution to profile the surface to ensure it is porous enough for the stain to soak in, there is a video on the website explaining this, Next when it is dry (90% dry is fine) you can apply the Solid colour stain using the applicator brush following the instructions (included in the box and there is a video on the site). If you are happy with the colour you can stop there. If you want the 2 tone/antiqued effect of imprint concrete you can achieve this by using a darker Smartcolour diluted to 1:6 with water, all you have to do is spray an even coat all over the surface, then as it dries it will settle in the deeper areas to create the effect, as it is drying, if you think it is still to dark on the main surface, misting water over the surface will make more of the colour run off the high spots. Once it has all dried (ideally 24hrs+) you will need to seal the drive using either the WB25 or WB34. http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/EasyStrip-1000-Coating-Remover.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Solid-Colour-Stain.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Smart-Colour-Stain.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Eco-Acid-profiler.html Drew Palin

What should I do before applying concrete stain

This question was asked by - Francis Dean in Doncaster
I am planning to apply some Newlook stain to my garden path, but it doesn't look like the stain will soak into the stones, don't want to waste any stain, so how can I make sure it works properly.

The video below explains what to do to get the best result. Essentially with a stone that isn't very porous you need to apply some Eco Acid and the video will show you how to do that.

You can get some Eco Acid at this link if you don't already have some


Dusting concrete

This question was asked by - Jerry S
I have recently laid some concrete which will ultimately be an indoor storage area. The concrete had rain on it while still wet and the finished screed has an unstable surface as the surface cement has washed out. What do you think I should use to seal the surface with so as to give a dust free, hard wearing finish?

Before sealing you need to make sure all the loose surface is removed, this can be done by either pressure washing (ideally with a flat surface attachment, grinding and washing or using the Eco acid (link below).

Once you have got the surface prepped you can then seal it, I would recommend our Super Plus sealer (link below). http://www.advancedsealingsolutions.co.uk/Block-Paving-and-Imprinted-Concrete-Sealer-SP-BPCSP-25L.html http://www.advancedsealingsolutions.co.uk/EcoAcid.html Drew Palin

information on how to prepare mature concrete & colouring/staining

This question was asked by - Emery Cooper
I would appreciate any expert information you could provide to me, including indication of your recommended products, for preparation of green and mature concrete for colouring or staining. I wish to carry out a DIY project.

The easiest way to profile any concrete, new or old, is to profile it using the Eco acid (link below) you apply this to the surface, agitate, leave for 5-10 mins and rinse off, once dry, pour a small amount of water onto the surface, if it soaks in quickly you are ok to stain, if it takes a long time to soak in you will need to repeat the process.

http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Eco-Acid-profiler.html Drew Palin

What is the best mortar remover?

This question was asked by - Richard Hogg
I am in need of a non acid based mortar remover to apply to a newly laid black/blue limestone patio, is the Green klean industrial remover suitable??

If you are worried about damaging the stone I would probably suggest using the Ecoacid rather than the Green Klean, it will do the same job but it is not as aggressive as the Green Klean. (link below)

https://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Eco-Acid-profiler.html Drew Palin

How much colour and sealant do I need for a 30 square metre concrete drive?

This question was asked by - Peter Clifford
I would like to colour a newly laid 30 square metre concrete drive with Smart colour (Licorice). Please could you advise the amounts of prep material, colour and sealer (satin finish) required for this. Many thanks

As the concrete is new you will need to leave it a minimum of 30days before trying to stain to let the concrete cure.

Before staining you will need to acid wash the surface to remove any loose dusty surface from the concrete using the Eco acid If you are looking to apply a single solid colour to the concrete I would recommend using the Solid colour stain (medium grey) you will need 1 x 32oz kit to do your area. The solid colour stain will be much quicker, easier and cheaper than the smartcolour (you would need at least 3 x 32oz bottles to get a solid uniform colour). Then finally to seal I would suggest the WB25. I have listed all the relevant products below, I would highly recommend watching the installation videos before you start the job. http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Eco-Acid-profiler.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Solid-Colour-Stain.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/WB-25-eco-friendly-satin-concrete-sealer.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Application-Brushes.html Drew Palin

I am looking for the correct colour concrete stain, do you have sample sizes?

This question was asked by - Jason Winslow
Hi I'm looking to enhance an area of concrete and was wondering if you might be able to do smaller 'tester' samples at all? At the moment the concrete has just been laid and is it's natural colour. We think we\'d like it to be more of a slate / charcoal sort of colour but not sure, so we\'d like to trial a couple of tiny areas first. We also like the idea of stencilling, and considering a grey finish with lighter grey / white-ish pattern. What product(s) would you recommend, and can you do little samples? Kind regards, Jason

Firstly as the concrete has just been laid you will need to wait a minimum of 30 days to allow the concrete to cure before applying the stains to the surface.

you will then need to acid wash the surface to remove any dust or dirt and to profile the concrete to allow the stain to penetrate properly. I would then suggest using the Solid Colour Stain to the surface, this will give you an opaque colour in whichever colour you choose. Then if you are looking to use any further colours you will need to use the Smartcolour stain over the Solid colour. Both these colours are available to by in a 4oz tester size. http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Solid-Colour-Stain.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Smart-Colour-Stain.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Eco-Acid-profiler.html Drew Palin

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