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EasyStrip 1000 Coating Remover

EasyStrip 1000 Coating Remover
Remove paint from concrete
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Also removes paints, sealers, lacquers, latex and varnish as well as graffiti.
Biodegradable. Use easystrip2000 on epoxy and polyurethane.


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Fast Acting Paint & Graffiti Remover

Want to know how to remove graffiti or paint from concrete or masonry?

EasyStrip 1000 makes paint stripping easy. It’s a biodegradable, low VOC, water-based concrete coating stripper. Used to quickly lift most concrete sealers, non-acid concrete stain, paints, urethanes, lacquers, latexes, and varnish. Use EasyStrip to prepare concrete for concrete stain or any other decorative concrete product. It’s also an excellent graffiti remover! Not recommended for epoxies or polyurea. (Use Newlook EasyStrip 2000™ to strip these coatings.) Read the respective Technical Information Sheet for more information.

Coverage & Packaging

Available in 1 US gallon containers. Coverage is approximately  5m2 to 9m2 per US gallon.
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Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet  

Application Instructions

Application Instructions  

Graffiti Remover  

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Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheet
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Features & Benefits of EasyStrip

  • Water Based, Non Flammable
  • Does not affect glass or plexiglass
  • Contains NO TAP’s or HAP’s (Toxic/Hazardous Air Pollutants)
  • Can be used on vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • Easy clean-up
  • Non-ozone depleting / Low odor
  • Easily sprayed with standard equipment
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  • Remove concrete stain, decorative concrete coatings, paint
  • Works on concrete, brick and masonry surfaces
  • Concrete sealer and coating Removal
  • Elastomeric coating Removal
  • Graffiti remover
  • Any non-lead based architectural coating removal
  • Any area where abrasive blasting is not an option for environmental, economic or surface damage may be of concern.

Use the chart below to choose the right EasyStrip product for your project

Application Instructions

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Advice on stain colours

This question was asked by - Jon-Luke Kirton
We have a a large driveway (approx 200m2) with standard red block pavers. We would like to change the colour of these to a slate grey colour (we have a period character sandstone and traditional scottish slate house). What products would you recommend for this look to be achieved?

To completely change the colour of the paving is entirely doable, I have linked below the products you would need and if you check out the videos section you will find how to guides for the prep and the application.

Firstly you would need to remove any sealer that might be on the surface using either the Solstrip or Easystrip 1000 for acrylic sealers or the Easystrip 2000 if it is a Polyurethane sealer. Once this is done you will need to profile the surface to make it porous to accept the stain then you would apply the Solid colour stain as a base colour, then a diluted Smartcolour to give the 2 tone antiqued effect. After the stain has cured for 24 hours you will need to re apply a sealer coat. Solid Colour Stain (SOLID) Smart Colour Stain (SMART) EasyStrip 1000 Coating Remover (ES1000) Eco Acid [profiler] (EA) Drew Palin

Thompson water seal removal

This question was asked by - Simon
Were looking for a product that we can use to remove Thompson water seal from some concrete coping stones. Were also looking for a product that can stain or coat them to be a dark grey (close to ral 7016)

It might be worth contacting Thompsons direct to see what the recommend to remove it, the only solution we have that will remove it is the Easystrip 1000

EasyStrip 1000 Coating Remover (ES1000) As for the colour the Solid colour stain in Charcoal will be the best to use. Solid Colour Stain (SOLID) Please view the videos section for advice on preparation and application. Drew Palin

Lightening up Imprint paving

This question was asked by - E.McKone
I have very dark almost black imprint and I hate it, can i make it lighter

Yes it is possible to make dark paving light,

First you would need to remove the sealer from the surface using the Easy strip (link below). Once this has been done you need to jet wash the surface, then, when dry apply the Eco acid solution to profile the surface to ensure it is porous enough for the stain to soak in, there is a video on the website explaining this, Next when it is dry (90% dry is fine) you can apply the Solid colour stain using the applicator brush following the instructions (included in the box and there is a video on the site). If you are happy with the colour you can stop there. If you want the 2 tone/antiqued effect of imprint concrete you can achieve this by using a darker Smartcolour diluted to 1:6 with water, all you have to do is spray an even coat all over the surface, then as it dries it will settle in the deeper areas to create the effect, as it is drying, if you think it is still to dark on the main surface, misting water over the surface will make more of the colour run off the high spots. Once it has all dried (ideally 24hrs+) you will need to seal the drive using either the WB25 or WB34. http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/EasyStrip-1000-Coating-Remover.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Solid-Colour-Stain.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Smart-Colour-Stain.html http://www.adsealcolours.co.uk/Eco-Acid-profiler.html Drew Palin

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