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Trusted by the Trade, Architects & Surveyors. Over the years Adseal, the UK brand leading manufacturer, have earned an enviable reputation for quality, service & value for money The benefits of sealing paving with a quality sealer from Adseal are self evident – longer lasting good looks, lower maintenance, oil & stains just wash away, jointing materials are stabilised, moss & weeds inhibited and your paving will actually last longer.


Application Brushes

The NewLook Applicator Brush is an industrial-grade, flag-tipped brush used to install NewLook’s concrete colour stains.

Ecostrip Coating Remover
The Ecostrip Coating Remover is an environmentally friendly easy to use Professional grade coating remover.
Graf-X-WB (anti graffiti coating)

Long-lasting protection from graffiti for many surfaces including brick, concrete, exposed aggregate, stone, etc. Polymetric nano-fusion technology produces clear breathable finish

High-gloss Polyurethane Sealer

Revolutionary modified hybrid high gloss, hard wearing, sealer in easy-to-use one part pack Combines elasticity of urethanes and durability of epoxies. Indoor or outdoor

Low Slip Additive

A single pack granular additive for extra under-foot grip. Apply by hand or mix with sealer for brush or spray application

Nano Lithium Densifier / Hardener

Deep penetrating hardener/sealer with high lithium content ideal for densifying and adding surface finish during grinding process or for an improved cure on newly laid concrete


An advanced liquid dye concentrate that adds gorgeous, vibrant colour to interior concrete. 

Solid Colour Stain Special offer 75% off while stocks last!

Colour, recolour and decorate your concrete. Completely covers blemishes and discolouration. An eco-friendly water based stain and NOT a paint

Water Based Sealer Gloss

34% solids water-based nano-acrylic hybrid, high sheen sealer for concrete and masonry. Quick drying with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance

Water Based Sealer Matt

25% solids water-based nano-acrylic hybrid, low sheen sealer for concrete and masonry. Quick drying with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance

Surface Cleaner, Degreaser and Oil Remover

Eco-friendly industrial strength cleaner to remove grease, oil, adhesive, polish, release agent, etc from concrete and masonry. Dilutable with water

Green Klean Concrete & mortar dissolver

Concrete and mortar dissolver. Advanced formula prepares for easy rinse off with hose. Green, non-fuming, eco-friendly alternative to harsh acids