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About Adseal Colours


AdSeal Colours have over 45 years combined experience within the paving and hardscaping industry. From their discussions with contractors and professional specifiers it became clear that the resins available in the marketplace were not performing as they would like and so the problems were researched and, in 2001, AdSeal Colours set about designing a range of products that would perform both for specific paving products and, most importantly, in the UK & Ireland climate. After extensive research, development and testing, the first of the new range of protective coating products [sealers] were successfully launched into the UK market in 2003. This was followed in 2005 with our first export order and we now export to several countries around the world many of these products being purpose designed to our customers requirements. Following the success of of this range, which covered special sealer and coatings for Concrete blocks, Imprinted concrete, Stone, Slate, Travertinem etc., we looked at the climatic issues and developed the first [& to the best of our knowledge] only cost effective sealer/coating that could be installed on damp paving. Further research & development took us into production of a range of environmentally friendly water based sealers. Our latest venture, in partnership with NewLook International is the supply of water based, environmentally concrete stains such as an alternative to the harsh and hazardous acid etching.


Adseal resin based products are the brand leaders and have been independently tested to confirm their excellent quality and performance. A copy of these tests and their results can be inspected upon request.


Adseal is a family owned and run firm offering excellent value for money which, combined with the first class customer care and technical support, means we get regular, repeat business from satisfied customers.


AdSeal Colours have an active R & D policy and are constantly looking continually both to improve their products and service, and also to respond to customers requests. In response to the latest request from customers AdSeal Colours have now developed and launched an INTERNAL range of both solvent based and water based protective coatings. Whether it is an external patio, driveway, car park or shopping precinct, or an internal floor for the home or industry, we can fulfil you requirements


And last but not least we are also pleased to be able to offer you unrivalled Technical support and Advice – if you need any further information, email or give us a call on 01204 523973 Our process of innovation begins with you, the customer. Many Adseal products are developed in response to customer demand: "I need such-and-such product. Why don't you make it?" After identifying the customer market we then begin the process of researching, developing and testing the new product. We believe in being on the cutting edge of product technology. Sometimes this means launching a revolutionary concrete stain like SmartColour. And sometimes it simply means improving existing concepts; after all, even evolutionary products can be innovative!