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Solid colour stains and sealers

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Domestic, industrial and commercial solutions

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Amazing Faux Finish results!

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The Leader in Concrete Stains, Maintenance & Restoration Solutions

Our exceptional range of environmentally friendly architectural coloured stains and decorative coatings rejuvenate & add beauty to concrete, masonry and more.

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Colours and Stains

Maintaining the image of concrete has never been easier than with Adseal & Newlook’s family of architectural concrete stains. They are water-based, non-reactive and are used to restore old, tired-looking and faded concrete or to add exciting effects, logos, etc. Use NewLook’s opaque premium SOLID stains to achieve sustainability and fix common concrete colour problems like discoloured, blotchy or stained concrete, wrong colours, failed acid-stain, faded integral colour and more! Our family of revolutionary concrete stains provide endless possibilities in colouring and faux finishing concrete.

What is the latest news from Adseal

As you are looking to keep the paving looking as it does when it is dry I would recommend..

I would forget about painting, the paint will start to wear off after a few months. Staining..

For the Smartcolour stains to work properly the concrete need to be porous enough..

Yes the Smart colour will be ok to use and the High gloss PU will give a very nice..

I have Travertine tiles in my own bathroom, I sealed it with the High gloss PU about..

You have a couple of options (links below) the Heavy duty sealer is the cheaper of..

Yes applying sealer to the surface will stop the algae and lichen from being able..

I would suggest using the High gloss PU, this is a very hardwearing sealer, but I..

As long as it is being laid on concrete and as long as the installation is done..

Yes there are 4oz kits/bottles of each of the stains which are used as testers/samples..